About Us

Why choose us for your best friend? 

It's our aim to be the best at what we do: We've been working hard since 2017 to make gorgeous dogwear using fabulous fabrics, including the magnificent "big cloth" known as Harris Tweed. 

Is it just Harris Tweed or do you do anything else? We also design our own fabrics and have them printed on soft hypoallergenic Chenille. Like Harris Tweed, Chenille is hardwearing but soft to the touch. We design our own fabrics for our collars so that patterns fit neatly onto a collar without the risk of designs  being cut off and losing their meaning, nobody wants a row of headless chickens or decapitated flowers on their collar and it's been our aim to draw eye-catching designs in gorgeous colour palettes that avoid this common problem of the pattern being just way too big for a little strip of a collar. 

Did you know? some sellers use cheap unbranded side release buckles with unspecified breaking loads. On each of our collar listing photos you will see the breaking load for that particular size quick release buckle.  Some sellers use backpack/handbag buckles for their dog collars (at first glance they look similar to the real thing) these buckles are not meant for dog collars and we guarantee that we never use them.

Also: we always cut our large checks on the bias so that nobody gets disappointed by a large brown horizontal stripe with thin blue stripe running along the lower edge of the collar or lead, when they thought they were getting a gorgeous Macleod Tartan Harris Tweed

Poetic License® is a registered trademark. We don't cut corners and never will. We are committed to putting safety first with beauty a close second.

Gorgeous Harris Tweed® Dog Collars, voluptuous bow ties, personalised dog collars, lovely leads and luxurious dog walking bags.  Vibrant tartan collars, classic herringbones, snazzy stripes and handsome houndstooths, from blacks to neutrals, reds to blues and orange to green. Seriously smart potty bag holders. Luxury hair scrunchies and matching dog and men's or boys, or girls bow ties so you can look almost as good as your dog! Essential Handmade luxury for Fabulous Woof Woofs.