Size Guide

Standard Side Release collars

Our standard side release collars use a tri-glide so that the collar can be lengthened and shortened by moving the tri-glide up or down the length of the collar. The collar size chart shows the shortest length that the collar will go down to and the longest length that it will go up to. All our side release collars are on polypropylene webbing except for our XS collar which is webbing free and designed for tiny puppies and teacup breeds. Collar widths increase to keep the collar in balance with its length. Size chart below here......


Sighthound collars

Our hound collars are listed according to their wearable length, not the finished length of the collar which would include the non-wearable tail end and frame section of the buckle.
For example our size small sighthound collar is wearable from the smallest hole at the 31cm mark and the longest hole is at 39cm, measuring from the part of the buckle with the pin on it, ie the centre bar of the buckle.  Holes are spaced 2.5cm apart. This means that if your dog's collar is currently around 20cm and he wears his collar on a hole around 23cm from the pin bar on the buckle, that the size small collar will be too big for him. Therefore this would put your dog in our size extra small. Size chart is below, here..............


Half check collars

Measure around...
1. the widest part of your dog's head
2. the neck, just behind the ears
3. the dog's neck where the collar will sit

Choose the size range, based on the chart below, that includes ALL THREE of these measurements. (you need the largest measurement to get the collar over the head, over the ears, before tightening (to tighten, simply slide the tri-glide up or down the length of the collar).
As with any correctly fitting collar, you want to be able to place two fingers behind the collar to ensure it is not too tight.
The measurements in the size chart include the chain section. Measurements are shown from the shortest that the collar will go down to up to the longest that it will go to, the collar is adjusted using the sliding tri-glide. Size chart for half check collars is below, here.....
size chart for harris tweed half check dog collars, check choke, collars for dogs that pull